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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India 2019-2020: Result 24 Jobs

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India 2019- Highest Salary in Indian Government Employees- Which job has the highest salary in India -Result 24 Jobs

Top 10 Government Jobs in India

  • Civil services. Civil services are the highest abode in the Indian government. ...
  • State Public Service Commission. ...
  • PSU. ...
  • Government Lecturer/ University Professors. ...
  • Scientist. ...
  • Defence services- Army, Navy, Coastal guard. ...
  • Railway engineers. ...
  • NTPC.


Civil Service and Administration related jobs like- IAS, IRS, IFS, IPS etc are glamorous as well as high paying at the same time. But to land those jobs, one must crack the tough Civil Services Examination! These jobs play an integral part in Nation building! Only the best minds should be involved in this process. Thus, due to this very reason, selection process in case of these jobs is extremely tough.

PSUs like ONGC, BHEL, SAIL, BEL, BPCL, CCL, CIL, GAIL, HEC, HAL, HPCL etc are also well known for offering high paying jobs. Central Government bodies like Indian Railways, State Service bodies etc also offer high paying jobs.


Merchant Shipping sector has always been known to provide good pay packages to its workers. But the problem with Merchant Navy sector is that they only recruit the best men! In Merchant Navy, Officer level posts come with high salary packages! Posts like- Marine Engineer, Navigation Officer, Electro Technical Officer, Captain etc are high paying job posts!

For landing any of the above mentioned job posts, one must pursue Maritime courses associated with them! For example, if you want to become a Marine Engineer, you will have to pursue B.E./B.Tech. Marine Engineering. Well, there are many other ways to become a Marine Engineer. But the point is that you must go through a relevant Maritime course. One must also be physically and medically fit, as per the norms set by Merchant Shipping rules.

If you are interested in Merchant Navy careers, you may go through this list of top Maritime courses. Merchant Navy suits those, who have an interest in leading an adventurous life and sea faring. One must be willing to travel extensively and adapt to different situations quickly. For all this trouble, Shipping Industry will reward you with a good salary package!


It is a heavily saturated field. Still, depending upon the Branch that one chooses and the quality of Institute from which one pursues the course, one may still end up landing a high paying job! In case of students Graduating from Institutes such as IITs, NITs and other prominent ones like BITS, Nirma University etc, irrespective of the branch, the salary package will be good.

Professionals related to some good Engineering branches are much valued and are always in demand. Some such branches are- Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Core Engineering Branches (Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering), Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering etc. Jobs related to these branches are high paying ones.

Information Technology and Computer Science are heavily saturated Engineering branches. And thanks to recession, pay packages associated with jobs related to these branches also took a hit. Still, in case of students who have completed the above branches from high quality Institutes, demand is still there and the salary pack is high too!

Emerging and relatively new Engineering Branches like Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Agriculture Information Technology etc have immense scope abroad. While these field are still developing in India, one will be able to find high paying jobs abroad (especially in Research and Development sector), after finishing above mentioned Engineering courses.

Many high paying jobs await Engineering Graduates in Government Sector as well. Some such jobs are in Organizations and PSUs like- Indian Railways, DRDO, Indian Armed Forces, BHEL, SAIL, ONGC, ISRO etc.

In short, Engineering field may have become saturated. But there still exists many high paying jobs in this area in India. With right skills, aptitude and College Degree (from a good College), one may build a rewarding career in Government or Private Sector.


Teachers play an important role in Nation building. They teach and train students. School teachers are underpaid. But the case of teachers plying their trade in Colleges offering Professional courses is different. College lecturers (teaching in both Private and Government Colleges) are well paid. They are also treated with respect and hold a significant place in society.

Education sector is booming in India. New Colleges offering Professional courses are sprouting all over India. These Colleges need Lecturers. They are willing to rope in talented teaching professionals by offering lucrative salary packages to them.

When it comes to the job of a Lecturer, experience matters a lot. Experienced Lecturers are paid higher, when compared to newcomers. Coaching classes also pay lecturers and Instructors hefty pay packages. Entrance exam coaching is also a booming business these days! One may even consider starting a Coaching class, if one has the required resources and entrepreneurship skills!

The best way to become a College Lecturer is by doing UG Bachelor’s Degree and then following it up with Master’s Degree. For example, one may complete B.E./B.Tech., follow it up with M.E./M.Tech. and become a College Lecturer after the Master’s course. Same thing can be done in case of B.Sc./M.Sc. programs too. To get job in Government Colleges, one must appear for PSC (State wise or Central) exam and clear it.


Chartered Accountants’ task is to keep track of financial affairs of businesses big and small. Corporate houses have in-house CAs. Some Business houses even hire CAs for auditing and similar accounts related tasks.

Chartered Accountancy is generally considered to be meant for Commerce stream students. But 12th Science stream as well as Arts stream students may also pursue this course and venture into Chartered Accountancy career field

Like in all jobs, it is better to start slow. But there is enough scope in this sector to achieve steady growth in career. Skilled CAs are well valued in the market and are compensated well for their services!

Those who are good with numbers, have integrity and are perseverant enough to go through the CA training module may give this course a go!


People who have pursued Business and Management oriented courses and working in relevant Managerial and Administrative roles are called Management professionals. Some well known Management and Business courses are- BBA, MBA (online MBA and regular MBA) and BMS.

How well a management professional will earn depends upon factors like his/her area of specialization, course pursued (MBA Degree is most valuable and assures the highest salary among the management courses mentioned), quality of Institute from which course has been pursued (IIMs are most valuable, followed by the likes of XLRI, FMS, ISB etc). Areas like- HR Management, Media Management, International Business, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Finance and Taxation are lucrative and rewarding ones at the moment.


The Research and Development sector of our Country is poorly equipped. There aren’t enough qualified Scientists working for the Government at the moment. So bad is the situation that State Governments are offering all cost covering Scholarships for students (the meritorious ones) who are willing to pursue B.Sc., M.Sc. and take up research jobs!

With the Government too giving R&D special attention, a career in this sector will turn out to be a rewarding one, financially. Also, one will be able to contribute to the growth and development of the Nation tool

Within Government sector, there are various sections where one may specialize and work as a Scientist. Some of these sectors are- Defence, Agriculture, Fisheries, Genetics, Biotechnology sector etc. Ample amounts of Private sector jobs are also available for Scientists, like- Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing and Technology etc!


Creative and skilled Architects will always be in demand! With change in trends, the field of Architecture also keeps on evolving. Architects who are up to date with such latest trends often find themselves pretty busy, planning and designing homes and other structures for their clients

Architecture is such a field which is not as saturated as Engineering. Also, it is one such field where one may easily set up one’s own business. All it takes to succeed in this field is- creativity (plus technical skills).


Doctors in India earn well. India has a huge population. With this huge population comes increased number of health problems. In India, the ratio of number of Doctors available per 1000 patients is very low. While this is a matter of concern, it also means that Doctors practicing in India gets a steady flow of patients (very true in case of Urban areas, but bit compromised in case of Rural areas).

Medical professionals could be Doctors, Dentists, Ayurvedic Doctors, BHMS Doctors or even Physiotherapists. Among the roles mentioned above, Doctors who have done MBBS and followed it up with PG course and super speciality course earns the most! Gone are the days when an MBBS Degree was enough to start off! This is the age of super speciality!

To earn well, one must be willing to take up a lucrative and promising PG course (specialization) after MBBS! Fields of specialization like- Cardiology (branch that deals with diseases affecting the heart), Gynaecology (branch that deals with women’s reproductive system), Orthopaedics (branch that deals with skeletal system and diseases), Dermatology (branch that deals with skin), Pathology (branch dealing with examination of organs and body to diagnose diseases) etc will help one build a financially rewarding career after MBBS!

Doctors may work in Government/Private Hospitals or may even start their own Private Clinic. How well a Doctor earns depends a lot on his/her skills. There are Doctors who manage to rake in more than 20 Lakh Rupees per month, thanks to their Clinics! On other hand there are Doctors who have salary ranging between 30-50,000 Rupees, working in Private Hospitals! The aptitude of a Doctor, to an extent, depends on the quality of Institute from which he/she pursues the course.Highest salary in india per month

Dentists are also known to earn handsomely. But the field of Dentistry has become somewhat saturated these days. There are so many Dentists plying their trade these days that the competition has increased. The well known and established Dentists still manage to rake in high salary, pushing the mediocre ones to the corner. Just like in case of MBBS, BDS Graduates must also seriously consider pursuing PG course. This will help them climb up the career ladder pretty fast!

The field of specialization must be chosen carefully. Fields like- M.D.S. Periodontology, M.D.S. Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry, M.D.S. Oral Pathology and Microbiology, M.D.S. Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge will help one land a high paying job in Private Hospitals.

Depending upon ones aptitude and entrepreneurship skills, one may even find work in Government Hospitals or start a Private Clinic. Talking about MBBS and BDS related careers, I don’t want this country to be filled up with money hungry Doctors! Don’t take up these professions just keeping money in mind! Above money, one must focus on healing patients and providing them relief!

Physiotherapy is another career that will help one earn well (given that one has that healing touch and good skills!). Good Physiotherapists are always in demand for tasks like- post surgery recovery, recovering from diseases related to bones etc.


Aviation sector is home to a number of high paying jobs! The job of a Commercial Pilot is the highest paying one.

This is one such job that we all used to dream about while we were kids! The mere thought of flying makes this job a dream one! And this career is financially rewarding too!

I agree that the Aviation Industry was hit pretty badly by recession a few years back. So bad was the situation that many folks lost their jobs and many companies went bankrupt

But things are looking good again for the Aviation sector. New private Airline companies have arrived on the scene. It looks like the demand for Commercial Pilots will only rise from here!

I’ve already written a detailed article that describes how Science stream students may become Commercial Pilots! But, the process of becoming a Commercial Pilot is a bit expensive, especially the Flight Training part. But for meritorious students, there are handsome scholarships available, which reduces financial burden!

Thes are best government jobs in india for graduates


Which profession has the highest salary in the world? 
Sales Manager. ... Financial Advisor. ... Business Operations Manager. ... Pharmacist. ... Optometrist. ... Actuary. ... Political Scientist. ... Medical and Health Services Manager. Mean salary: $109,370.

What is the Salary of IAS Officer in India?

A limited number of bright individuals are selected for above Super Time Scales (Payband: 37,400-67,000 and Grade Pay: 12,000). The highest basic salary is Rs. 80,000 (fixed) for an IAS. Only the central Cabinet Secretary is given the Basic salary of Rs. 90,000 (fixed).

Easiest Government Jobs Exam

  • IBPS PO Exam. The probationary officer (PO) is considered a lucrative white collar job in India. ...
  • SBI PO Exam. ...
  • SSC CGL. ...
  • RBI Grade B Examination. ...
  • LIC AAO. ...
  • UPSC Civil Services Examination. ...
  • IBPS and SBI Clerk. ...

Who is the highest paid government employee in India? 

The highest paid government employee in India is Mr. Raghu Raman – the chief of NATGRID and the highest paid technocrat working for the Indian Government. Mr. Raghu Raman draws a monthly salary of Rs. 10 lakhs and also reaps government benefits and entitlements. He is the Chief Executive Officer of NATGRID.

Who is paid the highest salary in India?

Top 10 highest paid CEOs of India

  • Top 10 highest paid CEOs of India. ...
  • Kalanithi Maran. ...
  • Kavery Kalanithi. ...
  • Naveen Jindal. ...
  • Kumar Mangalam Birla. ...
  • Pawan Munjal. ...
  • Brijmohan Lall Munjal. ...
  • Sunil Kant Munjal.